SharedSphere is a Mixed Reality (MR) remote collaboration and shared experience platform. It combines an Augmented Reality (AR) experience for a local worker out in the field with a Virtual Reality (VR) experience for a remote expert. The two users are connected through a live 360 panorama video captured and shared from the host user.

As a MR 360 panoramic video conferencing platform, SharedSphere supports view independence which allows the remote expert to look around the local worker’s surroundings independent of the worker’s orientation. SharedSphere also incorporates situational awareness cues that allow each of the users to see what direction the other person is looking at. The technology supports intuitive gesture sharing. The remote expert can see the local worker’s hand gestures in the live video, and Shared Sphere uses motion sensing in the VR environment to create a virtual copy of the expert’s hand gestures for the local user. Using virtual hands, the remote expert can point at objects of interest or even draw annotations on the real-world objects.

Main Features
• Shared live 360 panorama view
• View independence
• Situational awareness
• Verbal and Non-verbal communication
• Pointing and annotation


  • Mixed Reality Collaboration through Sharing a Live Panorama
    Gun A. Lee, Theophilus Teo, Seungwon Kim, Mark Billinghurst

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    One of the popular features on modern social networking platforms is sharing live 360 panorama video. This research investigates on how to further improve shared live panorama based collaborative experiences by applying Mixed Reality (MR) technology. SharedSphere is a wearable MR remote collaboration system. In addition to sharing a live captured immersive panorama, SharedSphere enriches the collaboration through overlaying MR visualisation of non-verbal communication cues (e.g., view awareness and gestures cues). User feedback collected through a preliminary user study indicated that sharing of live 360 panorama video was beneficial by providing a more immersive experience and supporting view independence. Users also felt that the view awareness cues were helpful for understanding the remote collaborator’s focus.