The Empathic Computing Laboratory (ECL) is an academic research laboratory at the University of South Australia in Adelaide, Australia, and at the University of Auckland in Auckland, New Zealand. Directed by Prof. Mark Billinghurst, the ECL is exploring new ways for technology to enable people to better understand one another.


  • Empathic Computing
  • Collaborative Interfaces
  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality

Latest Projects

Sharing Gesture and Gaze Cues for Enhancing AR Collaboration

This project explores how gaze and gestures could be used to enhance collaboration in Mixed Reality environments. Gaze and gesture provide important cues for face to face collaboration, but it can be difficult to convey those same cues in current […]

Brain Synchronisation in VR

Collaborative Virtual Reality have been the subject of research for nearly three decades now. This has led to a deep understanding of how individuals interact in such environments and some of the factors that impede these interactions. However, despite this […]

Empathy in Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) interfaces is an influential medium to trigger emotional changes in humans. However, there is little research on making users of VR interfaces aware of their own and in collaborative interfaces, one another’s emotional state. In this project, through […]

Latest Publications

A comparative study on inter-brain synchrony in real and virtual environments using hyperscanning

Gumilar, I., Sareen, E., Bell, R., Stone, A., Hayati, A., Mao, J., ... & Billinghurst, M. (2021). A comparative study on inter-brain synchrony in real and virtual environments using hyperscanning. Computers & Graphics, 94, 62-75.

Grand Challenges for Augmented Reality

Billinghurst, M. (2021). Grand Challenges for Augmented Reality. Frontiers in Virtual Reality, 2, 12.

New Updates

Using Mixed Reality for Remote Collaboration

Theo Teo, from the Empathic Computing Laboratory, has just completed his PhD thesis on using Mixed Reality technology to improve remote collaboration. This blog post provides a quick summary of his PhD work. Recent advances in digital devices and hardware […]

Where in the World is AR Research Happening?

By Prof. Mark Billinghurst (Original posting at medium.com)   This post provides a brief overview of where Augmented Reality (AR) research is happening in universities around the world. Academic Research in Augmented Reality arguably dates back to the 1960’s with […]

Prof. Mark Billinghurst @AWE2018

Prof. Mark Billinghurst gave a presentation on “Augmented Teleportation” at the AWE 2018 Conference, Santa Clara, US.