Theophilus Teo

Theophilus Teo

PhD Student

Theophilus Teo is a Ph.D. candidate with particular interests in Augmented Reality safety and awareness and remote collaboration. Before he commenced his Ph.D study, he graduated with a first class Honours from Bachelor of Software Engineering in University of South Australia. On year 2016, he participated in an ICT (Information and Communications Technology) project titled “VR for Big Data analytics” sponsored by CSIRO. He worked on the project with two other team members under Prof. Bruce Thomas’s supervision. Currently, he is doing his research degree under the supervision of Prof. Mark Billinghurst and Dr. Gun Lee in Empathic Computing Lab at University of South Australia.


  • SharedSphere

    SharedSphere is a Mixed Reality based remote collaboration system which not only allows sharing a live captured immersive 360 panorama, but also supports enriched two-way communication and collaboration through sharing non-verbal communication cues, such as view awareness cues, drawn annotation, and hand gestures.


  • Mixed Reality Collaboration through Sharing a Live Panorama
    Gun A. Lee, Theophilus Teo, Seungwon Kim, Mark Billinghurst

    Gun A. Lee, Theophilus Teo, Seungwon Kim, and Mark Billinghurst. 2017. Mixed reality collaboration through sharing a live panorama. In SIGGRAPH Asia 2017 Mobile Graphics & Interactive Applications (SA '17). ACM, New York, NY, USA, Article 14, 4 pages.

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    One of the popular features on modern social networking platforms is sharing live 360 panorama video. This research investigates on how to further improve shared live panorama based collaborative experiences by applying Mixed Reality (MR) technology. SharedSphere is a wearable MR remote collaboration system. In addition to sharing a live captured immersive panorama, SharedSphere enriches the collaboration through overlaying MR visualisation of non-verbal communication cues (e.g., view awareness and gestures cues). User feedback collected through a preliminary user study indicated that sharing of live 360 panorama video was beneficial by providing a more immersive experience and supporting view independence. Users also felt that the view awareness cues were helpful for understanding the remote collaborator’s focus.