KiwiRescuer: A new interactive exhibition using an asymmetric interaction

This research demo aims to address the problem of passive and dull museum exhibition experiences that many audiences still encounter. The current approaches to exhibitions are typically less interactive and mostly provide single sensory information (e.g., visual, auditory, or haptic) in a one-to-one experience.

Our idea is to allow more than one person to bodily interact with exhibitions using Virtual Reality (VR) and mobile devices at the same time. We demonstrate this in a game where one person in a VR headset plays a kiwi bird trying to protect its nest from attacking rats, played by people on their mobile phones.

The kiwi player uses their head and shakes their beak to attack rats and protect their eggs. The rats try to work together to break as many eggs as possible. This approach ensures that multiple audiences can enjoy exhibitions simultaneously, thus increasing engagement and interest.

Project Video(s):