Ashkan Hayati

Ashkan Hayati

PhD Student

Ashkan Hayati received his B.Sc. in industrial engineering from Tehran Polytechnic university and M.Sc. in Information Technology from Shiraz University in Iran. He is a web developer and has a broad knowledge in programming and web solutions.

He’s worked in gaming industry and advertisement networks for more than 5 years and has big dreams in AR game development. He has started some researches in Augmented Reality from May 2015 and collaborating with Empathic Computing Lab in web development and Unity3d.


  • Empathy in Virtual Reality

    Virtual reality (VR) interfaces is an influential medium to trigger emotional changes in humans. However, there is little research on making users of VR interfaces aware of their own and in collaborative interfaces, one another's emotional state. In this project, through a series of system development and user evaluations, we are investigating how physiological data such as heart rate, galvanic skin response, pupil dilation, and EEG can be used as a medium to communicate emotional states either to self (single user interfaces) or the collaborator (collaborative interfaces). The overarching goal is to make VR environments more empathetic and collaborators more aware of each other's emotional state.