The Empathic Computing Laboratory (ECL) is an academic research laboratory at the University of South Australia in Adelaide, Australia, and at the University of Auckland in Auckland, New Zealand. Directed by Prof. Mark Billinghurst, the ECL is exploring new ways for technology to enable people to better understand one another.


  • Empathic Computing
  • Collaborative Interfaces
  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality

Latest Projects

AR-based spatiotemporal interface and visualization for the physical task

The proposed study aims to assist in solving physical tasks such as mechanical assembly or collaborative design efficiently by using augmented reality-based space-time visualization techniques. In particular, when disassembling/reassembling is required, 3D recording of past actions and playback visualization are […]

MPConnect: A Mixed Presence Mixed Reality System

This project explores how a Mixed Presence Mixed Reality System can enhance remote collaboration. Collaborative Mixed Reality (MR) is a popular area of research, but most work has focused on one-to-one systems where either both collaborators are co-located or the […]

Using 3D Spaces and 360 Video Content for Collaboration

The world is changing, and the way we work and collaborate is evolving with it. As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, we are no longer bound by physical distance or geographical barriers. There is a need to […]

Latest Publications

Brain activity during cybersickness: a scoping review

Chang, E., Billinghurst, M., & Yoo, B. (2023). Brain activity during cybersickness: a scoping review. Virtual Reality, 1-25.

NapWell: An EOG-based Sleep Assistant Exploring the Effects of Virtual Reality on Sleep Onset

Pai, Y. S., Bait, M. L., Lee, J., Xu, J., Peiris, R. L., Woo, W., ... & Kunze, K. (2022). NapWell: an EOG-based sleep assistant exploring the effects of virtual reality on sleep onset. Virtual Reality, 26(2), 437-451.

New Updates

Using Mixed Reality for Remote Collaboration

Theo Teo, from the Empathic Computing Laboratory, has just completed his PhD thesis on using Mixed Reality technology to improve remote collaboration. This blog post provides a quick summary of his PhD work. Recent advances in digital devices and hardware […]

Where in the World is AR Research Happening?

By Prof. Mark Billinghurst (Original posting at medium.com)   This post provides a brief overview of where Augmented Reality (AR) research is happening in universities around the world. Academic Research in Augmented Reality arguably dates back to the 1960’s with […]

Prof. Mark Billinghurst @AWE2018

Prof. Mark Billinghurst gave a presentation on “Augmented Teleportation” at the AWE 2018 Conference, Santa Clara, US.